Welcome back

We are so glad to be open again after so many months. We are ready to welcome you for safe and healthy holidays in the mountains of Trentino Sudtirol. Dolomites in summer are relaxing, refreshing and challenging.

We’d like to offer you a relaxed and serene environment, where to recharge and feel safe. We updated all procedures to guarantee social distancing and sanitisation. All the staff has been trained on the safety measures.

Our mountains with so many kilometers of trails and paths, with acres of meadows to run on, are the perfect place to unwind. Wheater you are just relaxing in the sun or practicing an outdoor challenging sport you’ll find there’s enought room for everybody.

Last updated 06/08/2021

Safe holidays in the Dolomites

Take a quick look at the updates put in place for this summer season
in the hotels, aparthotels, B&B and apartments of Residencehotels group.

EU Covid Certificate is mandatory for those coming from abroad.

Please send us your IDs and personal datas in advance to speed up the check-in procedures. Upon arrival, we kindly ask you to enter alone to complete registration.

Everything that comes in contact with guests (pens, payment gateways etc.) will be sanitized immediately.

From the 6th of August EU Covid Certificate is mandatory to access indoor facilities despite breakfast and dinner (spa, pool, gym, game room) for people older than 12.

You’ll see our staff more often in high traffic areas cleaning and sanitising. We’ll pay special attention to those high touch items such as buttons, door handles , counters etc.

You’ll find hand sanitizer stations in all properties.

We took everyting un-necessary out of the room but all important information is accessible through QR codes.

Just ask the reception desk if you feel like you need a pen or a note pad or some leaflets.

We put the remote in a plastic bag to ensure maximum hygen and easy cleaning.

Spare linen are contained in  a plastic bag.

If you stay in hotel, daily cleaning is still the rule but you can decide to opt out, just tell us and we will not bother you during your stay.


It’s mandatory to wear a face mask and to respect social distancing.

In Sudtirol (Val Gardena) is required to wear surgical masks. In hair and beauty salons you have to wear FFP2 face mask (at least up to 31/07/2021).

All staff members have been instructed on the COVID procedures: social distancing, sanitisation and behaviour with syntoms.

Staff body temperature will be checked before each shift begins.

The EU Covid Certificate is required to access Italy from abroad and to move from region to region in case of risks.

From the 6th of August the EU Covid Certificate will be verified, for people older than 12 years, each time they access the indoor facilities despite breakfast and dinner (pool, spa, gym, game room). We are waiting for further instruction from the local authorities.

Restaurants are open respecting covid safety measures including: table distancing and buffet layout.

Wearing a face mask is always required when not at the table.

Only persons from the same family (or sharing a room) can sit at the same table.

If you don’t have a reservation with half board treatment we suggest to reserve a table in advance or try our take away.

In Sudtirol (Val Gardena) a surgical mask is required.

It’s not required to have a valid EU Covid Certificate to eat breakfast and dinner in the inside restaurant for those who are staying in the hotel/aparthotel. 

We ask you to make a reservation for using the pool to limit the number of persons in the area.

Swim cap is mandatory and we ask to put your personal belongings in a plastic bag.

Chlorine levels are constantly measured.

From the 6th of August people older that 12 can access the indoor swimming pools only with a valid EU Covid Certificate.

Wellness areas will be open upon reservation. The spa can be shared only by members of the same family or by persons who are on holiday in the same accommodation.

From the 6th of August people older that 12 can access the SPA only with a valid EU Covid Certificate.

The gym can be used from one person at a time (more than one person only if they are from the same family/room). The sanitizer will be available to clean the gym facilities before use.

From the 6th of August people older that 12 can access the gym only with a valid EU Covid Certificate.

Games and baby rooms will remain partially closed. Only table tennis and table soccer will be available with sanitisation procedures in place.

From the 6th of August, it’s possible that the play rooms will remain closed because it will be impossible to verify the EU covid certification.

You’ll be given a sanitizing solution to add to your wash to grant safety for you and the next guest.

In case of a COVID related cancellation we’ll issue a voucher of the amount already paid. This voucher will have to be reedemed within 12 months. No voucher will be issued for “care free” plans.

The above-mentioned services are not offered in all properties. Check facilities on each property’s own website.

If you made a reservation in one holiday home in Val Gardena mind that the rules are slightly different (check for sudtirol- val gardena measures)

Safe holiday

Face masks and hand sanitiser are part of our daily life.. with little effort we”ll offer you a safe and healty holiday in the Dolomites

Safe check-in

  1. send your id photos in advance togheter with complete datas for all the other room guests
  2. only one person is allowed at the check-in desk: fill in the missing forms, get the keys and all instructions
  3. if you have fever, cough or other flu-like symptoms please notify it immediately
  4. we advise against sharing a room with persons outside the family

COVID house rules

  1. Please wear your mask inside the property. Clean your hands frequently with soap or hand sanitizer (dispenser are available in common areas). The staff wears face mask.
  2. Please keep social distancing, avoid handshakes and hugs, respect floor signs and do not move tables, sunbeds, etc
  3. From the 6th of August the EU Covid Certificate will be verified to access indoor facilities despite at breakfast and dinner (pool, spa, gym, game room). We might also check your temperature to access some of the facilities, for better safety of all the guests.

Cleanliness & sanitisation

  1. Rooms and public areas are sanitized with specific products (alcohol, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide) as indicated by the OMS.
  2. We use certified laundries to clean all linen.